June - 11 - 2012

1988 | AVI | 640×480 | 1:10:00 | 695 Mb
Welcome to Amorous Acres, a low budget resort on the coast of Southern California. With its highly sexed, interracial collection of staff and clientele there is never a dull moment! As ebony hunk, Steve Harber, sinks his spear into the eager, Lauryl Canyon, the party begins! Lauryl also attracts the smokey beauty, Nina DePonca. Of course, Brandy Wine, along with, Nikki King, and her outrageous tits explode in scenes of their own, scenes where they devour every thrust pumped in their direction! Also, black Andonis, Ray Victory, is definitely buffed and pumped and for his role!
Cast: Brandy Wine, Lauryl Canyon, Nikki King, Nina DePonca
Director: Ron Jeremy

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